Online Psychotherapy

I am providing online psychotherapy to people throughout Australia as a full-fee service with no Medicare or Government involvement and so no rebates.

Throughout the Corona Virus pandemic there may be limited Telehealth available under Medicare with bulk-billing or private billing. In general I think that private-billing is appropriate for complex mental health treatments such as psychotherapy where a high level of mutual commitment is required from both patient and therapist.

This is a very specialised service which aims to reproduce the ambience of an intimate face to face therapy.

It requires different skill-sets from the traditional face-to face therapies and is important that it is set up properly at both ends in order to create an ambience of privacy, safety and time.

It is not affordable for most people but is available as a remote service Australia-wide for those who can afford it. It may be of interest to those who wish to disentangle their lives from unnecessary government involvement.

Payment is confirmed prior to the session and can be made online via Australian dollar or cryptocurrency.

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Dr Robert Dawborn - Medical Psychotherapist
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Online Psychotherapy