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Who can I refer for psychotherapy?

You can refer anyone you might refer to a psychologist for brief focussed psychological strategies (FPS). These strategies include psycho-education,  CBT, Psychodynamic and Interpersonal Therapy. I will use FPS item number 2725.

You can also refer anyone you think needs more than brief psychotherapy (more than 10-12 sessions in a year). People with long-standing conditions are more likely to need longer term therapy. I will use Medicare item numbers 2725 and 44.

Referrals for relationship or couple counselling will be seen under item number 170. I use item numbers 171-2 for family therapy.

Additionally, you can refer any person you think may need close monitoring of psychotropic medication together with psychotherapy in order to regulate sleep or emotion.

What Conditions Can I Refer

I see patients with a wide range of mental health concerns – depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, personality disorders and complex PTSD. In addition, I work with individuals, couples and families.

I am experienced at working with patients with complex conditions, formal DSM 5 diagnoses and comorbidity. I work as part of a team in collaboration with my patient’s GP and psychiatrist.

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